• “No one knows more than me what ought to be done to steer the country out of the present crisis, bring prosperity to the people generate employment, bring prices under control and rid people of their misery. I have helped more than seven thousand Kalpar Bugtis to return to their homes and opened coal mines in Marri area which had brought prosperity to Bugtis and Marris which is not the liking of Sardari nizam.”
  • Fellow citizens “Despite attempts to scare me off by instituting baseless cases against me, I will come to Pakistan at appropriate time and will face those baseless cases in court of law”
  • Progress had been made by the country from Chitral to Karachi during my first inning. In my second inning Pakistan will be brought back to the course of progress and prosperity by curbing the corruption at the highest level.
  • During my first tenure trains were running on schedule, there were employment opportunities, country got rid of the IMF and investment was coming from abroad. Pakistanis were treated with grace and dignity and there was a reversal of brain drain.
  • I am not coming home for my own sake because I am happily living abroad and enjoying my life and giving lectures world over which is a very lucrative proposition.
  • Thank you for coming at Mazar e Quaid and I am please to inform you that I will be amongst all of you as soon as the time is right. May God Bless you all, Pakistan Painda Baad.
  • NEW DELHI: Former president Pervez Musharraf on Friday took India’s media to task for fabricating and cooking up false stories against Pakistan’s armed forces.Speaking on Indian TV channel Times Now, live from London, Musharraf said India was fabricating false stories to put Pakistan’s army and ISI in bad light through its media.
    When asked by anchor why Pakistan was not acting against Lashkar-e-Taiba, Musharraf questioned as to why India was not doing anything against extremist party Shiv Sena.
    “Can Indian government dare to take action against Shiv Sena? Are not they extremists? ,” he shot back at the anchor.
    Responding to a question about the long march, Musharraf said India had no right to ask about Pakistan’s internal affairs. But he said that Pakistanis want change. “Pakistan army did not mutilate the body of any Indian soldier and it never does so,” he replied to a question commandingly.He said India was deliberately escalating at the Line of Control. Pakistan army, he said, believes in resolving all disputes, including Kashmir, with India.
    “What kind of democracy you are running? You have kicked out Pakistan’s hockey players and artists,” he questioned?.
    “If you want to talk about Kargil. But first talk about East Pakistan and Siachen,” he said.To a question, he said that he would return to Pakistan before the next elections. SAMAA
    Video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=516228885077384

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